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Selection Process Development 


We will work with your organization to develop valid and non-discriminatory hiring and promotion procedures. We specialize in paper and pencil tests as well as behavioral interviews, assessment centers, task simulations, and various types of non-cognitive assessment procedures.


Test of Job Knowledge, Abilities and Skills and Competencies


We develop and implement job related and valid tests of jobs knowledge, abilities and skills for a wide variety of jobs. These tests significantly increase the effectiveness of the organization by ensuring that the individuals hired or promoted possess the knowledge, ability, skill, and competencies need to succeed. Research has demonstrated that these types of tests can contribute to the organization’s productivity and are highly defensible in the event of legal challenged.


Assessment Center and Task Simulation Tests


Test that simulate actual job behavior have been shown to be highly valid and have a high degree of candidate acceptance. We can assist you company in developing and conducting job stimulation tests, including assessment centers, task simulations, and written procedures.


Structured or Behavioral Interviews


Structured and behavioral interview accompanied with clear standards and interviewer training have been shown to be highly predictive of job success. We will work with staff to develop and implement structured or behavioral interviews that are effective and defensible.


Organizational Fit


Will work with your organization to identify competencies that maximize organizational fit of candidates for hire or promotion, to help ensure that the people you hire or promote possess the competencies required for success in the positions that they fill.

Litigation Support 


We will work with your organization to ensure that your hiring and promotion procedures comply with federal and state non-discrimination requirements. We work with your legal counsel to assist them with expert services in the event of litigation involving charges of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or litigation concerning personnel procedures.


We provide litigation consulting and expert witness services in employment discrimination litigation for both plaintiff and defense counsel. We provide statistical expertise in disparate impact litigation and other types of litigation in which statistics are a central issue. We can provide crucial expert assistance in pay equity and whistleblower litigation



Job/Competency Analysis


We assist you by conducting analyses to identify the competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for job performance. This information is essential for development of hiring and promotion procedures and training programs. It is also needed to develop job descriptions and to identify essential job functions in compliance with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Organizational Effectiveness


All organizations have access to the same technology. The competitive edge comes from the people in the organization and the way in which they work together to achieve organizational goals. We assist your company to maintain this competitive edge by providing organizational consulting services including: coaching, conflict resolution, team-building, and in serving as a catalyst in managing the challenges that accompany organizational change.


Executive Coaching


There are times when leader need to hone some of the skills needed for effective management. Even effective managers may have skills that they would like to sharpen or develop. Executive coaching is designed to provide one on one feedback and confidential personalized development that leaders need to maximize their effectiveness.


Change Management


Organizational change present companies with challenges that must be address if the change is to be successful. We have tools and staff available to assist your company in preparing and in managing the challenges brought by change,


Team Effectiveness


People working or working groups often need assistance, or guidance to develop the team-oriented skills for optimum productivity. We work with team to help assess the relative skills of group members and to assist teams to work in the most effective and cooperative manner.


Executive and Management Assessment


Careful and effective selection of leaders is essential to the success of your organization. Out consultant will work with your company to identify the competencies that are most critical for effective leadership and decision-making in your organization. We will then evaluate candidates against these competencies, use state of the art methods, and provide decision makers with information they need to choose the person likely to be the best fit and will excel in the position.Type your paragraph here.