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Forensic Services

Forensic Psychology occupies the interface between psychology and the law. As such, a primary role of the forensic psychologist is to assist the Court in addressing questions directly relating to an individual’s psychological functioning and behavior. I provide evaluation and consultation services to defense attorneys and prosecutors working in both the adult criminal and juvenile courts as well as expert testimony in civil cases.

Questions/issues that I have addressed include the following: 

  • Competency to stand trial evaluation
  • Sanity at the time of the offense evaluation
  • Evaluation of psychological factors related to sentence mitigation
  • Pre-sentence psychological evaluation
  • Pre-sentence sex offender evaluation (Psychosexual) 
  • Sexually violent predator evaluation 
  • Sexual interest evaluation and assessment of sexual deviancy
  • Risk of future dangerousness evaluation
  • Parenting capacity evaluation
  • Emotional injury evaluation in civil cases
  • Malingering or feigning of psychological symptoms
  • Fitness for duty evaluation (Public Safety)
  • Consultation on matters of mental health and the law
  • Evaluation of psychological matters related to fitness and ability to parent
  • Evaluation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

The simplest method of initiating a referral is to contact Dr. Coard by phone to discuss the case and clarify the referral question(s). If he is not the appropriate person to conduct the assessment, he will attempt to provide you with a referral. 

Dr. Coard is licensed to practice Virginia and Nevada.